RollMaster Announces Integration with Android Handheld Barcode Device

RollMaster Software’s products allow flooring retailers to utilize barcode management for POS, stock check, price check, receiving, physical inventory, and assigning installers to work orders.

The new integration of RollMaster Software with an Android handheld wireless barcode device promises to make warehouse barcoding even simpler, more affordable, and more efficient for flooring dealers across the US and Canada. 

“Wireless warehousing has reached an all-new level of innovation for flooring businesses,” explains Kelly Oechslin, Product Marketing Manager, RollMaster software, about the launch of the new RollMaster Android handheld mobile terminal device.

While RollMaster has launched the integration with an Android device the technology also works on iPhones and all other smartphones with the addition of an integrated barcode scanner attachment.

Another benefit of the new device is the user interface, which delivers a modern screen, touch capability, a QWERTY keyboard, and the familiar Android look and feel. The device can be used for barcoding without Wi-Fi and doubles as a regular smartphone with the addition of a SIM card and mobile service.