Moisture Testing Checklist

Testing for moisture content is a critical step for ensuring wood performs well as a flooring material. Before installation, test both the wood flooring and the substrate for temperature, humidity, and moisture content. Record findings and compare with material selection requirements. Relevant data is included on this moisture testing checklist.

MOISTURE TESTING WOOD FLOORING Moisture Meter Type: ________________________________________
Name: ______________ Model: ____________________
Meter Species Correction: ___________________________________
Number of Readings: _______________________________________
High Reading: _______ Low Reading: ______________
Comparison Readings (trim, door, cabinets, etc.): _____________ ____________________________________________________________
Areas of Concern: ___________________________________________
Average Reading (sum of readings/40): ______________________
>> 40 Readings per 1,000 Square Feet (minimum) <<

Meter Setting: _____________________________________________
Comparison Readings (trim, door, cabinets, etc.): ____________ ___________________________________________________________
Number of Readings: ______________________________________
Average Reading (sum of readings/20): _____________________
>> 20 Readings per 1,000 Square Feet (minimum) <<

More-detailed information about wood flooring moisture testing is available in the NWFA Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines and Methods publication, or at

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