North American Forest Foundation Welcomes Three New Board Members

The North American Forest Foundation (NAFF) announced the appointment of three new board members: Jesper Bach, Andy Johnson, and Cindy Squires. This year, the North American Forest Foundation was created from what used to be called the Hardwood Forest Foundation. This more inclusive name allows the organization to work on a more comprehensive approach to promoting the entire forest products industry through its educational programs.

Jesper Bach lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he is the Director of Imports at Baillie Lumber. He grew up in Denmark, where he attended Silkeborg Handelsskole Business College and served in the Danish Military before beginning his lumber career in 1993. Bach quickly developed a niche in the international arena, working with species of lumber from around the world, and managing contracts and shipments on a global level. In 1996, Bach made Wilmington his home when he moved to the area to step into the role of Vice President at Inter-Continental Hardwoods. Bach has been at Baillie for 13 years. He is in charge of imports to the U.S. and Canada, and overseas purchases.  

Andy Johnson is Hardwood Market Report’s Assistant Editor. The Memphis-based company publishes the prolific Hardwood Market Report, which had its first run 97 years ago. Hardwood Market Report also delivers HMR Executive and HMR Import Newsletter to industry professionals throughout the world. Johnson entered the hardwood industry in 1989 and fostered a comprehensive career that allowed for experience in lumber production, processing, purchasing, and sales. Johnson’s broad knowledge of the industry has helped him successfully analyze and report on North American and worldwide markets for over 20 years.

Cindy Squires is the Executive Director of the International Wood Products Association, located in Alexandria, Virginia. She also sits on the boards of the American Hardwood Export Council, the Global Timber Forum, and the American Boat and Yacht Council. She is the Co-Chair for the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Advisory Committee for Forest Products, Building Materials, Construction and NonFerrous Metals, and is a member of the U.S. Trade Representative’s Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee. Squires graduated cum laude from Washington College of Law, American University, and worked as Chief Counsel of the National Marine Manufacturers Association for almost ten years, and spent about a decade working on agricultural policy as a legislative liaison and regulatory analyst in the Executive branch, before entering her current position in 2013.

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