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Clyde and Sam Cobb of Real Wood Floors in West Plains, Missouri, have always been highly motivated to be their best and to make a difference.

After a trip to China in 2008, the family’s mission to make a difference took on a whole new meaning. While planning the trip, a friend suggested that Sam Cobb visit a specific orphanage while he was there. Upon visiting the orphanage, Cobb was blown away by the incredible work the organization was doing. He also noticed that the flooring needed attention.

When he returned to the United States, Cobb organized a team to volunteer time and labor, in addition to donating materials from Real Wood Floors to the orphanage he visited in China. This trip was the start of Real Wood Floor’s mission to help children around the world without families of their own to move from hopeless to hopeful. For some children, their hope is to have a home. For others, it is to be adopted into “forever families.” For yet others, it is to get a helping hand in education to open up the possibility of having a bright future.

In 2010, Real Wood Floors established their 10x10x10 goal, a 10-year campaign to sponsor 100 adoptions and help fund 10 educational facilities or orphanages. At $30,000 per adoption, this goal drives the team at Real Wood Floors to make a lot of floors and make a lot of money that can be put back into the mission.

“We put as much profit as we can leverage into our goal to help us reach it by 2020,” says Thom Coghlan, Nashville Manager for Real Wood Floors.

This includes profit from a recent modern farmhouse where Real Wood Floors supplied the floors.

Floor Focus
“We supplied 3,500 square feet of one of our most popular floors, the Vintage Loft Collection, in the color Harborside,” says Coghlan. “This prefinished European white oak that we manufacture is 8” wide, with 70 percent of the planks being 8’ long.

“The homebuilder, Carbine & Associates, is a consistent client and knew we could supply the floors the homeowner dreamed of,” continues Coghlan.

Due to the length of the planks, the floors were installed using a full-spread glue-down method. The adhesive used was also made by Real Wood Floors.

To complement the new floors, the same material was used to make custom nosing and treads in the home. Notes Coghlan, “The installer custom cut the flooring into square nosing and used the 8”-wide plank to make the treads so that it all matched perfectly.

“With a black exterior and white interior, this farmhouse isn’t what you’d expect,” he continues. “We were excited to be a part of this beautiful home that has since gone viral on social media. It’s an honor to have our floors recognized in that way.”

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