Powernail Company Awarded Patent for F-Series

Powernail Company has been awarded the patent for its new product line of trigger-actuated, pneumatic fastening tools; the F-Series. The new line-up includes Powernail’s model 2000F (20-ga floor nailer), model 1845F (18-ga floor stapler) and model 50F (18-ga floor nailer).

The company shared that, “F-Series tools simplify the installation of today’s engineered, wood flooring with unique, adjustable support systems. Each tool features a patented “FLEX Foot” that ensures rock-solid stability during use. When a “glue-assist” installation is required, that same support-system keeps F-Series tools off of the subfloor and free from any adhesive buildup. Furthermore, by ensuring repeatable fastener placement and insertion angle, Powernail has found these new tools to drastically reduce not only dimpling but also many other installation issues.”