More Power!

Remember the Tim Allen show “Home Improvement” and how he would always yell out “More Power!” I thought of that when I listened to Kayleen McCabe talk about power tools with such passion and enthusiasm. But unlike Allen’s character, she’d be waving her chain saw around safely.

Kayleen walked away from hosting a successful television show because she felt that home remodeling shows were largely giving the wrong message to the audience. They weren’t showing safe use of tools and certainly they didn’t leave them with a realistic sense of time or cost. She’s now out there preaching respect to the professional craftsman and encouraging kids to consider hands-on careers with “more power!”

Her message to kids: “A working trade is something to be proud of. You are an artist. You can spend your life creating and building your art. And do so with some really cool toys!” (I loved her line about having “a Reverse Manicure” which of course is “dirt under the nails.” That’s a message that must appeal to many.)

She wants to create pride in craftsmanship. She issued a challenge to us to do more in schools—to pass on our skills, be that nailing a floor or balancing accounts. To that end, she supports, which everyone should check out.

Her message to the industry:
• “We need to make better consumers.” Teach the world to respect craftsmanship.

• “We need to teach them safety.” Write to the creators of home remodeling shows saying “you have to show the goggles; you have to show the masks.”

• “We live in the real world, not in TV: start with realistic expectations in costs and time.” Again, write to the creators of shows to push for more reality. Make sure your customers understand what’s reality from the start.

Follow her by starting at: And check out these amazing earrings!

More power to you, Kayleen!








Elizabeth Baldwin is Environmental Compliance Officer for Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. In her 25 plus year career in the wood industry has visited over 70 countries and hundreds of facilities of all sizes and types. She describes herself as a “jack of all wood trades.” Familiar with jungles of all sorts–having camped out along the Amazon and walked the halls of Congress–she blogs for the NWFA on both environmental and regulatory issues for educational and informational purposes only. Her blog is not intended and should not be construed as legal advice. Persons seeking legal advice on compliance with CARB, TSCA, the U.S. Lacey Act or any other law, regulation, or compliance requirement/claim should consult with the regulatory agency directly and/or a qualified legal professional.

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