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In our industry, we are used to seeing wood floors day in and day out. As wood has become increasingly more popular in design, we have started seeing more and more wood being used on accent walls, ceilings, and even kitchen countertops.

Kyle Neuroh, owner of Neuroh Hardwood, has been in the industry for 15 years and loves being able to use his creativity and offer clients something unique. This project allowed him to do just that.

“For this job, we refinished the existing white oak floors and laced into existing flooring, adding new wood in the kitchen,” shares Neuroh. “The countertops we installed in the kitchen are acacia.”

“Because the acacia was quite wavy and wouldn’t sand flat with a palm sander, we needed to use our Hydrasand to get the counter flat,” adds Neuroh. This provided a bit of a challenge for Neuroh and his team, having to sand on top of a countertop.

With some patience and after some maneuvering, the floors were ready for finish. “The floor was finished with Rubio Monocoat Mud Light,” shares Neuroh. “The counter was finished with ProCoat UnoCoat Antique Brown.”

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