Cali Debuts Odyssey Hardwood

Cali announced that the company has launched the Odyssey Collection. The 11-piece collection includes four European white oak floor styles, four American maples, and three American hickories – all sourced from Lacey Act compliant forests.

Planks are tongue-and-groove, measuring up to 82 11/16 inches long and 5½ inches wide. A  UV oil finish provides surface protection while highlighting natural knots, mineral streaks, and wind shake. Planks look their best when treated a few times a year with an oil refresher solution. The 2mm top layer of each plank adheres to a sustainable foundation of layered birch.

“With Odyssey, we’re venturing into traditional hardwoods — a corner of the flooring market, not particularly known for being eco-friendly,” says Cali President and CEO, Doug Jackson. “But like Cali has always done, we’re proving that with smart sourcing and an ear to what the customer wants, you can deliver a beautiful product that doesn’t sacrifice looks or quality in the process of going green.”

The new collection is available for purchase at and from a select network of flooring dealers across the country.