A Vision in White

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Roland Arjukese is the owner of Royal Oaks Flooring, located in North Potomac, Maryland. He has been in the hardwood flooring industry for nearly 16 years and still enjoys it as much now as when he started.

“I love that with hardwood flooring, every project is different,” shares Arjukese. “It’s very rewarding work being able to see such a huge difference in a relatively short amount of time. It’s also inspiring when I have the opportunity to work on old floors and turn them into a masterpiece again, ready to last for many more years.”

A recent masterpiece Royal Oaks Flooring finished was a 7,500-square-foot jobsite with newly installed white oak floors and three sets of stairs. After an unpleasant initial experience, the homeowners reached out to Royal Oaks Flooring to come in and refinish their new floors. The floors were sanded and then water-popped to get them ready for finish.

“Because of the size and layout of the house, we had to tape the whole floor in 3’ sections for the precolor and then apply precolor on every other section, remove the tape, and tape the precolored edges again to apply precolor on missing sections,” says Arjukese. “It was a crazy, long process that involved around $400 worth of tape.”

After four days of applying the precolor application, Arjukese and his team started applying Rubio Monocoat Super White Oil. “We troweled the oil on and then buffed it off with rags to make sure all of the wood fibers were filled,” shares Arjukese. “We did two coats of oil to help get the floors as white as possible, per the homeowner’s request.”

After three weeks of work with a team of four to nine guys, the job was done. “Everyone was very happy with the result. The homeowner loved the color, and I’ve received many calls from designers and builders who were also ‘wowed’ with the final product,” notes Arjukese.

One way Royal Oaks Flooring ensures they have the skills to get the job done right is by always being open to learning. With plans to become an NWFA-Certified Inspector, Arjukese recently attended his first NWFA hands-on training event in Bowling Green, Ohio.

“Over the years, I’ve met so many different people and made many friends in the wood flooring community. It’s always great to get together and learn something new from the other students and the NWFA,” adds Arjukese.

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