WFOY Winner Spotlight: Best Textured Wood Application

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WD Flooring, based in Laona, Wisconsin, was founded by Peter Connor in 1998, but the family’s contributions to the industry date as far back as 1872. The company’s name is a tribute to W.D. Connor, who was a leader in the practice of sustainable forestry and is in the Forestry Hall of Fame.

Company employees take great pride in manufacturing unique and distinctive products. “Our first focus is on the raw material and types of wood we use. Our second focus is on understanding the full context of what is achievable within any species to provide the look and livability for which a consumer is looking. Our third but certainly not least focus is seeking to produce products that are consistent and manufactured to the highest standards,” said Joe Verich, Executive Vice President, WD Flooring.

Verich came to WD flooring after six years in the construction industry, where he worked in sales and management. He served as director of WD Flooring’s partnership with Rubio Monocoat from 2008 to 2011 when the company was responsible for all North American sales. Since 2008, Verich has been an integral part of WD Flooring’s prefinished program, which has had a significant impact on prefinished flooring and the direction of the industry.
This Wood Floor of the Year Award-winning floor gave WD Flooring the opportunity to showcase not only its ability to produce a quality textured prefinished product but also the company’s various color options.

Floor Focus
The initial concept for the product came from the strong industry demand for reclaimed product. WD Flooring frequently would buy reclaimed wood and finish it for various projects, but the team wanted a way to make the reclaimed look more consistent.

“People are typically attracted to the saw marks, the patina, and the overall texture of a reclaimed floor. So we started producing flooring called Auburndale, which, by using different reactive finishes, allowed us to take newly milled flooring in a random-width pattern and create a reclaimed look. The product also gives designers the ability to create their vision around the floor knowing that the finished product will be consistent with the sample color,” said Verich.

This project added an extra layer of complexity as the designer wanted to incorporate a parquet pattern in addition to a plank installation, with both featuring a reclaimed texture and a unique color. This 2,050-square-foot nail-down and glue-down installation was installed in a new construction spec home.

The flooring is northern oak with a skipsawn texture and colored with an Empire Bronze treatment.

The main area of the home is a random-width pattern. The entry featured a Bordeaux parquet pattern, created by Dan Antes of Distinctive Hardwood Floors using WD Flooring’s random-length planks. Antes then shipped the panels back to WD Flooring for finishing. The entire process took about six months from concept to completed installation.

“This floor was one of our top choices to enter for a Wood Floor of the Year Award because it truly encompasses everything that we as a company can do: custom color, prefinished parquet panels (with help from Dan), and our unique texturing capabilities. It really shows the broad range of what WD Flooring can do,” said Verich.

Category Details:
Entries in this category may include scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, or any surface that is not traditional flat. Applications can include jobsite finished, manufacturer finished, solid or engineered wood flooring.

Suppliers: Finish: Rubio Monocoat | Wood: WD Flooring

Installation Type: Nail-Down | Glue-Down

Flooring Type: Solid

Flooring Style: Plank

Flooring Finish: Manufacturer Factory Finished

Finish Sheen: Matte

Finish Type: Surface Finish: Oil-based | Wax Finish

Species: Northern Oak

Square Feet: 2,050

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