Make Your Mark: What’s Your Story?

Seriously. What is your story – and more importantly, can you tell it in 30 seconds or less?

When it comes to persuading customers as to why they should install wood flooring over other options, why they should use your company over other providers, and why they should establish a relationship with you, even briefly, you really do have about 30 seconds to convince a customer to engage. After that, people will either buy in, want to learn more from you, or dismiss you.

As the NWFA launches its new “Real Wood. Real Life.” consumer awareness campaign, it’s incredibly important that all NWFA members buy in to this industrywide initiative to help keep wood flooring at the top of the consumer’s preference list. It’s incredibly important that each of us can tell the “wood is good” story in order to keep our industry vibrant and growing.

So join me this year at the NWFA Expo to learn how you, your company, and your industry can tell a consistent story of “why wood.” Head to Ft. Worth, May 1-3, to “Make Your Mark.” Go with us on a journey to learn more about the art of storytelling and how we create our brands around the stories we tell.

Of course, the Expo will have the hands-on technical education, trade show networking, and workshops that are offered each year. But this year, we’ve got to do a little bit more work together to keep our industry strong.

We are facing a crossroads brought on by lookalike products and stories that aren’t always true regarding the value proposition of other hard surface flooring. It’s time we set the record straight – our story is a good one, and it’s easy to tell because it’s the truth. No other floor covering comes from nature and regrows itself. No other floor covering is the consumers’ consistent choice, year after year, decade after decade.

Are you excited yet to book your trip?

If not, think about what storytelling brand might interest you enough to commit to attending Expo. How about Pixar? As a brand, Pixar maintained its name and place in the market even after it was acquired by another huge brand, Disney. As a storyteller, Matthew Luhn, this year’s keynote, has spent more than 25 years creating stories and characters for Pixar Animation Studios. He also works with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs to craft and tell stories that bridge the gap between business and heart, which is the true business
of branding.

So commit. Come join us and make your mark in the heart of Texas. I promise you’ll leave Ft. Worth with new technical skills, new or renewed friendships, and new storytelling skills that will help you grow your business and keep the wood flooring industry strong.

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