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Just for Fun Roller Skating Rink in McHenry, Illinois, has been around since the 1920s — originally beginning as a dance hall. It is recognized as a pillar of the community, and Ridgefield Flooring was quick to get involved when the rink sent out an S.O.S. for repairs after it was vandalized and in danger of closing.

“When we saw the message asking for contractors to donate labor and/or materials, we knew we could help,” shares Jake Mitchell, General Manager of Ridgefield Flooring. “Our company rebuilt the snack bar and made a few other minor fixes.”

While Mitchell and his crew were there working, they became good friends with the owner of the rink, Lisa. Additionally, Mitchell’s children began to spend more time there, making their work at the rink feel even more impactful.

“While Lisa and I were talking one day, she mentioned that the floors were in dire need of being refreshed,” adds Mitchell. “I ran into Toby Merrill, Contractor Specialist at DuraSeal, and the lightbulb went off. I wasn’t expecting anything, but before I knew it, Toby was calling to say DuraSeal could donate enough finish to coat all 10,000 square feet of flooring.”

“We donated 20 gallons of DuraClear Max,” adds Merrill. “As a friend of Jake and a resident in the McHenry community, it was really cool to play a part in this.”

Upon receiving the donation of finish from DuraSeal, Ridgefield Flooring made a few minor repairs, buffed and vacuumed the floor, and then rolled out the finish.

Initially, Merrill and Mitchell were unsure if the finish would bond and hold up to the abuse of skating. “Toby asked if we did adhesion tests, so I replied that although our team was not very scientific, we could be abusive! The finish survived lots of roller hockey stops,” adds Mitchell.

“This was a fun and rewarding project,” says Mitchell. “My hands and arms are still sore from shaking so many gallons of finish.”

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