Bona eLearning Program Offers New Digital Badges to Showcase Credentials and Achievements

Bona US announced the addition of digital badges and credentials to its online platform, Bona has partnered with Acclaim, a segment of Credly/SAP, to provide the digital badge offering.’s digital badge tool is powered by Credly’s Acclaim platform, which provides international digital credentials to individuals. The “open” badges contain metadata that supports the professionals’ qualifications and credentials, such as the skills required to earn specific badges. The badges also allow contractors to share and showcase their accomplishments on their website, via social media profiles, in email signatures and on business cards.

“In an industry that is continuously evolving, staying up-to-date on hardwood flooring products and processes is a huge key to success. Industry professionals can use our online platform to learn about the full Bona System as well as the latest techniques in hardwood floor finishing on their own schedule and review it as many times as they want,” said Todd Schutte, director of eLearning at Bona US. “With our new digital badges, these contractors can now showcase and promote their expertise and progress to their customers.” provides training courses and demonstration videos to complement the hands-on Bona 4-Day Sand & Finish Schools. Along with accessing content anywhere and at any time, this online platform helps contractors save on travel and time-off expenses and allows them to review the training materials at their convenience. Additionally, offers expanded content on Bona products and industry techniques that may not be included in the live training. This eLearning program is available to Bona Certified Craftsmen and other professionals who have attended Bona’s hands-on 4-day School, including Bona distribution partners.

The newly launched digital badges are directly linked to the Acclaim platform. By clicking on an embedded badge, customers will be taken to the craftsman’s Acclaim page, which provides trusted and verified information on the contractor’s credentials. This offers contractors another opportunity to connect with customers and demonstrate their skills and training.

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