Cupping – The Most Prevalent Form of Wood Floor Distress

Most of us see cupping everyday. There are not many homes that I walk into that have called me to look at their floors for a refinish that don’t have some cupping. Most of the time this form of distress is adjacent to an exterior door or in front of a kitchen sink.

It is usually pretty easy to determine the cause in these cases, but what if it is throughout the home or affects the middle of a room. Do you know how to determine the cause? And if you do figure out the cause, do you know how to remedy it?

I was going to add the info from NWFA Technical Publication No. C200 Problems, Causes, and Cures (pages 6-7), but it would have been 2 pages! So, please go to this publication for a full explanation of cupping and many choices for repair, or contact the NWFA Technical Hotline at 800.422.4556 (USA & Canada) or 636.519.9663 (local and international). This is a service for NWFA members and we are here to help!

*The Problems, Causes, and Cures publication is available for download to NWFA members at no cost. Non-members can purchase the publication for $50.00 here.

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  1. is it true if the MC of stored hardwood is more than MC in the house, after installation the wood will start drying from top and will create cupping ?

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