Hostetter Joins Robinson Lumber Company as COO

Robinson Lumber Company announced the recent hire of Kelly Hostetter as Chief Operating Officer. Hostetter has over 20 years’ experience in strategic planning and international sales development, with the bulk of his career spent in American Hardwood production and sales.

Hostetter played a key role in expanding sales at his prior employer to over 40 countries worldwide, making him a natural fit for Robinson Lumber, where nearly 70% of sales are international. As COO, his primary focus will be management of Robinson’s growing American Hardwoods business, as well as the integration of purchasing, production, and sales operations.

“Kelly has an impressive background and strong sense of integrity,” said company President Joe Buckhaults, who joined Robinson in 1989. “Robinson moves over 10,000 loads of lumber each year, which can require a good bit of coordination. I’m excited to see what enhancements Kelly has planned for production, as well as his impact on our company culture.”

New to both Robinson Lumber Company and New Orleans, Hostetter has fully embraced this opportunity. “Life is truly a journey,” said Hostetter from his office along the Mississippi River. “I am both wielding and widening my industry knowledge at Robinson, and I can’t think of a more vibrant place to learn and grow than right here.”

Hostetter holds a B.S. in management, with an emphasis in international business, from Wright State University and has also trained at the University of Dayton Center for Leadership. Prior to joining Robinson Lumber Company’s executive team he worked his way up the ranks at Hartzell Hardwoods in Piqua, Ohio, serving as VP Sales, General Manager, and ultimately President.

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