Mullican Flooring Announces New Campaign, “Real Dogs, Real Wood Floors”

Mullican Flooring recently announced its newest advertising and social media campaign, “Real Dogs, Real Wood Floors.” The new project focuses on educating consumers about the benefits of buying real hardwood floors.

The “Real Dogs, Real Wood Floors” campaign highlights the company’s manufacturing and promotion of real hardwood flooring. Through the playful imagery of a family holding a toy dog, Mullican Flooring emphasizes that there is no substitute for the real thing.

“Both hardwood flooring and family pets have been a part of the American home for a long time,” says Neil Poland, President of Mullican Flooring. “Dogs represent special moments and memories, and we want that same connection with our products. We thought it was appropriate to use them in our promotional efforts.”

The Johnson City, Tennessee-based company will take a multichannel approach to reach consumers by promoting in trade publications and on various social media platforms.

Mullican first teased the “Real Dogs, Real Wood Floors” concept with a February 2018 advertisement in Hardwood Floors magazine. Following the positive response and the launch of their new brand identity, the company chose to build a media campaign around it.

Crafted from the highest-quality hardwoods, Mullican Flooring’s collections are sustainable and authentic. The company will underline that message in this new campaign, while continuing to engage with their shoppers about the advantages of buying their products. Hardwood flooring increases the value of a home because it is clean, hypoallergenic, naturally renewable and can be refinished.

Mullican Flooring offers 11 collections of solid hardwood flooring and 19 collections of engineered hardwood flooring.

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  1. Three cheers for Mullican. The promotion of real wood floors is way over due and hopefully others will follow.

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