Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring Educates Younger Generation on Careers in the Timber Industry

A few weeks ago, Jessica Hickman Fresch, Marketing & Sales Director at Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring, had an opportunity to educate the younger generation on the many ways they could build a career in the timber industry. Jessica spoke with four separate classes of fifth and sixth graders at Keystone Elementary during their first-ever Career Speaker Day. “My main goal was to help give them some inspiration and educate them on all of the career opportunities in the timber industry,” shares Fresch. “The possibilities are endless.”

Jessica related to the students by sharing how her love of climbing trees and hiking turned into a career that also helps save the trees and ultimately the planet. “It was eye-opening to the students that jobs like this exist and that you really can find a career that taps into your own interests,” says Kendall Hickman, a teacher at Keystone Elementary. “It was so exciting to see the students learn about different careers all in one day. Sometimes children think the only things out there for them are growing up to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, or lawyer. It is important to expose them to different careers so we can help them build realistic goals and follow their dreams!”

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