Intermediate Installation: Recap

May 8-10 at NWFA headquarters in St. Louis, MO, we hosted 20 students and six a-list instructors for our Intermediate Installation class.

This level of training includes three days of hands-on training and classroom presentation. This course covers job site preparation, layout, moisture testing, choosing and using the proper tools for the job, and an analysis of the different types of wood flooring and the methods to install each of them. Intermediate Installation also includes board repair and replacement, adding simple design elements such as borders and patterns, and retrofitting existing floors.

After the three-day class, qualifying students had the opportunity to take the certification test to become an NWFA Certified Installer. All nine students who took the test passed and achieved their Certified Professional recognition. Way to go, guys!

Chris Brown, owner of Heritage Hardwood Floor Finishing in Corinth, Mississippi, was among those nine. “I really enjoyed my time at the school,” shares Chris. “I was able to meet a lot of new guys, learn from very talented instructors, and pick up new techniques. I’ll be able to go back home with a greater knowledge, which will make more customers happy.”

We’re looking forward to hosting Intermediate Sand & Finish here in a few weeks. It’s been a very positive year of education so far!

Thanks to everyone who made this class such a success!


Delbert Adams, Sheffield Hardwood
Donnat Adams, Sheffield Hardwood
Jeff Alexander, Alexander Flooring Concepts
Jason Arnold, Walnut Grove Hardwood
David Bird, Wood Guys
Asmir Brkic, Urban Design Floors
Chris Brown, Heritage Hardwood Floor Finishing
Frank Chastain, Kenny’s Tile
Nate Elbrecht, Real Wood Floors
David Falls, Hultman Flooring Inc.
Keith Flemming, Wood Guys
Tevin Freeman, Floors Incorporated
Josh Gerber, Hultman Flooring Inc.
Eric Hathaway, Floors Incorporated
Greg Kaemmer, All Wood Floor Co. LLC
Jake Lukens, Luminous Flooring LLC
Dustin Meyer, South Tech High School
Patrick Prusik, Retailer Flooring Solutions
Will Sawyer, Floors Incorporated
Anthony Smith, Certified Surface Inspections


Michael Dittmer, Dittmer Wood Floors
Lenny Hall, Endurance Floor Co., Inc.
Wayne Lee, Middle Tennessee Lumber
Matt Lukens, Luminous Floors
Kelly McCarthy, Bostik
Tim Prince, SIKA

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