Ardex Receives 2017 Vendor Partner Award from Fishman Flooring Solutions

Jesse David (right), president of Ardex Americas, holds the Fishman Flooring Solutions 2017 Vendor Partner Award presented to him on April 16, 2018 by Bob Wagner, Fishman president and CEO. The award recognizes the outstanding contributions of Ardex Americas to Fishman’s sales growth.

Fishman Flooring Solutions has presented Ardex Americas with its 2017 Vendor Partner Award, recognizing the company for its contributions to Fishman’s sales growth. Ardex Americas is a flooring industry pacesetter in developing and manufacturing high-performance products used for concrete repair and resurfacing, substrate preparation and flooring installation. Ardex has been a Fishman vendor for more than seven years.

Recipients of the Vendor Partner Award must demonstrate the highest standards for training Fishman’s sales team, its customers and general contractors in the proper use of the vendor’s products. They must also provide superior marketplace support for those products. Ardex has multiple sales representatives in each of Fishman’s five regions. Their training on the use of highly-technical Ardex products ensures that users will derive the most value from them and consistently enables Fishman to “delight our customers,” said Bob Wagner, president and CEO of Fishman.

“Receiving this award is very important to Ardex, because we understand that business growth is not a matter of chance,” said Jesse David, president of Ardex Americas. “We work very hard every day to deepen our engagement with distributor partners like Fishman, in order to grow their business and ours. The increase in Ardex business with Fishman over the past seven years is evidence that our efforts are paying dividends.”

The 2017 Vendor Partner Award was presented at Fishman’s recently-concluded annual sales meeting, which was held April 16 to 18, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. The event featured 28 vendors exhibiting flooring installation products, with several vendors providing training in the use of their products.

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