Mullican Introduces New Logo at NWFA Expo

Mullican Flooring debuted its new company logo at the NWFA Expo in Tampa, Florida, held April 11-14 at the Tampa Convention Center.

According to the company, this change marks the largest and most significant update to the logo since the company was founded 33 years ago.

The new icon was changed to communicate the company’s most important natural resource and its birthplace within the Appalachian Mountains, the company said. Mullican’s new logo showcases the figure of a tree and mountain ranges.

According to the company, its exclusive manufacturing process begins in the Appalachian Mountains. Once harvested, no part of the tree is wasted at a Mullican Flooring plant. The tree bark is processed into mulch, wood chips are used for heating fuel, leftover wood blocks are made into charcoal and more. These strongly held beliefs and processes are all reflected in the brand’s new identity, the company added.

Source: FCW

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