One Board at a Time

Joshua Crossman, owner of PTL Hardwood Floors, in Yelm, Washington, has learned a lot about wood floors since opening his business in 2004. Dedicated to continuing his education, learning new techniques, and providing customers with quality floors, Crossman was an excellent choice for this tricky installation.

Unfortunately, not uncommon to the trade, there was a time-consuming surprise waiting for Crossman and his team when they arrived on the job site. What they thought was going to be an easy tear-out, turned into an entire day of removing carpet and the particle board underneath that was glued and nailed down to the subfloor.

Photos courtesy of Joshua Crossman.

Once the subfloor was properly prepped and moisture testing took place to make sure the wood was acclimated, the team was ready to install the prefinished acacia.

“We used a combination of the jigsaw, table saw, and angle grinder to make the curves,” says Crossman. “We scribed around the board and finished it off with the angle grinder.”
Another element that made this installation tricky was the varying height of the tile. “To create a smooth transition between the tile and the wood, we had to shim up each board individually to match the height of the tile that coordinated with each board,” adds Crossman.

“Something unique about this job was the spiral staircase,” says Crossman. “We had to go around the staircase very tightly with the boards. Then we scribed them to match the hardware of the staircase to make it look as if it is coming out of the floor.”

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