Nydree Flooring Sponsors the Promise686 Tough Campaign to Bring Awareness to Georgia Foster Care Crisis

Nydree Flooring announced that the company has become a premier corporate sponsor of the Promise686 team participating in the Atlanta Warrior Dash on Saturday, April 14, 2018. Held in Covington, Georgia, the 5K obstacle race is central to the Promise686 Tough Campaign, which seeks to raise awareness for the foster care crisis in Georgia.

This is the fourth year that Nydree Flooring has proudly sponsored Promise686’s Tough Campaign. With 12 challenging, muddy obstacles, the Warrior Dash symbolizes the tough road so many children face in the foster care system. Through its sponsorship, Nydree Flooring, manufacturer of the toughest wood flooring in the industry, supports Promise686’s commitment to raise essential funds to support Georgia foster families and the children they serve.

“Supporting this cause has always been an obvious choice for us. We are passionate about helping children find loving homes through foster care and adoption,” said Jason Brubaker, Nydree Flooring vice president of sales and marketing. “While our flooring is built to last, the impact of fostering a child lasts far beyond anything we could ever imagine. The result is a ripple effect that carries on for generations.”

Promise686 is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of the needs of orphans and children in foster care, while reducing the barriers to adopting and fostering children in need. Through financial assistance for adoption, educational resources for individuals and churches, volunteer support for foster families, Promise686 exists to equip churches and families to meet the needs of orphans and children in foster care.

“We believe that together we can be the catalyst for change. We believe we can make someone else’s future better. We believe every action has a direct impact, no matter how small or large,” continued Brubaker. “Our flooring may be tough, but we know fostering is tougher. We are honored to help however we can as a company and for our communities. ”

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