LATICRETE Introduces Enhanced LEED Project Certification Assistant

LATICRETE has enhanced its LEED Project Certification Assistant— a state-of-the-art online tool for construction professionals interested in compiling points and credits for projects seeking LEED certification.

“Prior to the launch of the original LEED Project Certification Assistant in 2009, compiling the necessary data to register a project was a painstaking process that could take hours to complete. The new LEED Project Certification Assistant has been designed to make ongoing maintenance faster and easier to provide the construction industry with the most current and relevant product information available in a matter of seconds,” said LATICRETE Technical Services Manager Mitch Hawkins, who created the tool from the ground up with LATICRETE Software Developer, Dan Poincelot.

The enhanced LEED Project Certification Assistant can generate reports for projects very quickly, very easily, at any time, from almost anywhere.

“With specifications and LEED information offered upfront in an efficient manner, construction professionals have a much more accurate depiction of which LEED v4 credits the LATICRETE products will contribute,” added Hawkins.

The simple interface requires users to enter specific details of the project, including project name and location as well as the LATICRETE products used. Upon registering a project, a LEED v4 documentation package will be generated that includes a copy of LATICRETE Technical Data Sheet (TDS) 251 “Low VOC LATICRETE Products / LEED Certification (LEED v4), a letter outlining for LATICRETE product chosen, Health Product Declarations (HPD) if available, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) if applicable and UL GREENGUARD Certifications if available.

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