New Danzer Video Blends Wood Production with Music

International hardwood company Danzer recently produced a musical piece titled “The Sound of Danzer” that picks up characteristic sounds of industrial veneer production and blends it with world-famous tango music.

“This has been an idea we had for quite some time. The focus is on our patented Danzer veneer slicers VS4000 – their sound has been embedded to the melodic tango music as well as other typical noises from production and the hissing sound of the sprinklers on the log yard,” explains Eckart Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer, Danzer Specialty Division.

The music in the video is the famous tango La Cumparsita by the Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodríguez (1897–1948). Aki Schmitt, born 1985 in Krefeld/Germany, arranged the piece for Danzer with typical sounds from the veneer plant and created an opus for clarinet, violin, accordion, cello, and double bass. On the instruments you can hear and see classical trained professional musicians from Czech orchestras. The video was shot at the Danzer veneer plant in Mělník in the Czech Republic.

“Turning the sounds of our veneer plants into music is not as farfetched as one might think, as the video shows. High-quality hardwood production requires excellence – just like performing finest music. And last but not least, many instruments are made from wood, because of the superior characteristics of the material,” says Schmitt.

Watch the video on YouTube:

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