C&R Flooring Launches The Make A Difference Project

Chris Zizza, president of C&R Flooring, has launched The Make a Difference Project, a social media campaign to promote charitable organizations and individuals doing good across New England.

Zizza decided to launch the Make a Difference Project because he knows that despite all the negativity that’s been clouding the news over the past few years, there are so many people who are fighting to make the world a better place. The purpose of this project is to brighten social media feeds by bringing attention to charitable organizations and individuals who promote kindness and paying it forward.

The project will feature instances of good news as well as highlighting a new charity or individual every month; introducing who they are, outlining what they do, and sharing photos from fundraisers and other events.

The industry is encouraged to nominate a charity or individual to be featured by The Make a Difference Project at: https://makeadifferenceproject.org/

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