Nydree Flooring Seeking Plant Manager

Summary of Position: Direct and coordinate, in accordance with company policies and procedures, department leaders and support staff so that production requirements are met, safely, costs are within budgetary standards, and best manufacturing practices are utilized.


  • Ensure production for entire facility is scheduled appropriately.
  • Review daily production reports for accuracy (rates, yields, and costing).
  • Establish and monitor housekeeping duties (including building and grounds).
  • Ensure Health and Safety policies are being followed.
  • Ensure all monthly requirements pertaining to Health and Safety fixes and changes are completed in a timely manner.
  • Develop and document new, and prior, written procedures in accordance to FloorScore Manual.
  • Periodic auditing to assure procedures and SOP’s are being practiced.
  • Ensure the accuracy, integrity and levels of product inventory thru routine cycle counts and year end physical counts.
  • Develop and maintain an internal updating system using KSIs, reports, daily, and weekly events for all direct reports.
  • Mentor and develop skills for direct reports to be better managers, using outside services as necessary.
  • Meet with direct reports routinely to discuss issues and resolutions.
  • Lead direct reports ensuring projects are completed in a timely manner.
  • Develop and coordinate training and cross training employees. Use outside services as necessary.
  • Self-improvements using outside services as necessary.
  • Maintain appropriate employee levels to complete necessary production needs.
  • Oversee vacation schedules and approval process.

Functions to coordinate with:

  • Customer Service – on orders status, late order notifications, and expedited orders.
  • Quality Assurance – on quality issues that arise, or prevention of, so that manufacturing supports a system to reduce/eliminate quality issues.
  • R&D – on new product development and custom orders.

Contact Betsy Cleveland at bcleveland@nydree.com for more details.