Preverco Announces Major Product and Technology Launches Ahead of TISE

Preverco announced major product and technology launches as a kick-off to its presence at The International Surface Event (TISE), which will take place from January 30 to February 2, 2018 in Las Vegas.

The first of the company’s major announcements is the release of Genius16 and Max19, two traditional engineered platforms that have been reinvented to cater to the needs of today’s clients that are looking for longer and wider floor boards that are made locally and offered at competitive prices. What’s more, they are ideal for both condos and residential homes–and can be used for floors with radiant heating.

  • The Genius16 is a 5/8”-thick engineered floor that is available in super long ( 80% of boards are 88’’ and up) as well as wider widths of 5 3/16’’ & 7 3/16’’. It is composed of a 2 mm (≈ 3/32 in.) hardwood top layer on 14 mm (≈ 9/16 in.) Canadian plywood comprised of 5 layers.
  • The Max19 is a top-of-the-line 3/4”-thick engineered floor available in widths of 5 1/8” and 7 1/8”. It is composed of a 4 mm (≈ 5/32 in.) hardwood top layer on a 13 mm (≈ 1/2 in.) vertical quartersawn softwood filleted core and a 2 mm (≈ 3/32 in.) backer.

“Both the Genius16 and Max19 platforms are a step forward in offering longer and wider boards that are made locally and offered at affordable prices, which is quite an improvement from flooring made from foreign-based Baltic Birch plywood,” explained Jean-François Dufresne, Preverco’s CEO.

Preverco is also launching 14 new colors, which are perfectly attuned to the latest trends in hardwood flooring. “Customers, architects, designers and retailers alike are turning towards more neutral and pale shades of hardwood flooring that highlight the true raw, rustic features of wood,” said Mr. Dufresne.

“From the trends we’re seeing in Europe and around the world, people are craving the perfectly imperfect, yet real, aspects of wood, like knots, cracks, etc. Rather than hiding what may have in the past been deemed as flaws, hardwood floor aficionados are actually opting for the real deal and celebrating wood’s unique character.”

Preverco’s latest PreViewR is also likely to cause a tide of change in the hardwood flooring industry. PreViewR is an indispensible and easy-to-use tool for customers to upload pictures of their very own rooms and view what a Preverco floor would look like in their homes in seconds. PreViewR requires no complicated installs and customers can be up-and-running in minutes simply by visiting Preverco’s website: via their desktop computers, smartphones or tablets.

“Hardwood flooring is a significant long-term investment and customers want to make sure they make the right decision. It can be difficult for them to visualize a hardwood floor’s look and feel in their homes from a small sample. The last thing they want is to regret the choice they made. Our goal has always been to demystify and simplify the hardwood buying process for customers who simply want to create beautiful decors in their homes that match their styles. PreViewR is the perfect example of this new buying experience,” Mr. Dufresne said.

“Preverco has been committed to being very close to our customers to better understand their needs and establish long-term relationships. We steer clear of cookie-cutter products and impersonal ‘transaction-only’ relationships with our clientele. Because we don’t consider hardwood flooring as a generic commodity, we create ahead-of-the-curve, premium hardwood floors, we prefer working directly with retailers, architects and designers who adhere to our vision so that we can better train and support them in all of their hardwood flooring needs,” concluded Mr. Dufresne.

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