Emily Morrow Home Launches Home Decor Shopping Site

Emily Morrow Home has expanded its range to all matters home-décor related with the January launch of an online shopping site, www.emilymorrowhome.com. A portion of the profits will aid families stricken with breast cancer.

Twelve curated flooring styles are available from the easy-to-navigate electronic home-decor store. Each represents the same quality and aesthetic always associated with the company’s trusted flooring. The site also offers American-made upholstered furniture and accent pillows from Aria along with lighting from Currey & Company, all selected and edited by Emily Morrow Home CEO and founder, Emily Morrow Finkell.

The website speaks to four design lifestyles that Finkell, an interior designer, tastemaker and world traveler, has identified as national trends. The names of each lifestyle collection are self-explanatory: Refined Traditions, Coastal Luxe, Raw Beauty, and Rugged Industrial. The common thread among the flooring and home décor products, which reflect Finkell’s global perspective and style spotter expertise, is that they facilitate more beautiful lives and homes. The website caters to the trade and to consumers working directly with a designer or professional flooring installer with the intent of simplifying and streamlining the design, order and installation process.

There’s one humanitarian caveat to shopping the new e-site: a portion of the profits from the décor collections are donated to the Kiker Morrow Finkell Foundation for Cancer Care, the non-profit Finkell established as a breast-cancer survivor.  Last October marked her 15th-year anniversary as being cancer-free.  When she was diagnosed with the disease, she was a 35-year-old single mother of two. Now she wants to give back by helping other patients and their families who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Finkell offers 30 years of experience as an interior designer and flooring expert. Her accolades include Floor Covering News honoring her as one of the “2011 Top 25 Women Propelling the Industry.” In 2008, Withit (Women in the Home Furnishing Industry) named her a finalist for its Legacy Award. She served as Shaw Industries’ Director of Color, Style and Design and quite often represents the flooring industry as an advocate speaking before Congress.

No surprise, Finkell believes the foundation of a design—no matter the function of the room—begins with its flooring. “The floor is your blank canvas and it determines every design decision you’ll make once it’s down,” she says. “The four-curated lifestyle furnishing collections we’ve launched augment our core business, which is American-made wood flooring.”

Her company’s premium, engineered hardwood flooring, made in Nashville, Tennessee, is designed to be luxurious without the over-the-top price tag. Made using all-American hardwood construction for superior durability and stability, this wood is dent resistant and can be installed over most sub-floors, including direct glue-down and concrete slabs.

The flooring is engineered to be environmentally friendly. “At Emily Morrow Home, we believe in eliminating the traditional waste associated with solid wood floor production of slow growth species, while still finding a way to showcase their incredible beauty. To do this, we use a mixture of woods to create a much more advanced flooring option – the engineered floor,” explains Finkell. Unlike a solid wood floor, an engineered (multi-ply) floor consists of at least two types of different wood products adhered together. This means that the top layer can be a highly desired species of wood, like oak, while the bottom substrate layer can be a fast-growing tree species. “Manufacturing floors in this way allows us to more sustainably harvest trees and produce more high-quality floors with the same robust and luxurious feeling of solid wood flooring within the thickness of that top layer.”

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