WF Taylor and Smell Zapper Form Strategic Alliance

WF Taylor and Smell Away Solutions have established a strategic relationship for Taylor to distribute the Smell Zapper line of odor elimination products throughout the United States. WF Taylor began selling the odor eliminating products to its customers this month.

Dan Pelton, President & CEO of WF Taylor said: “Smell Zapper provides our customers a permanent and inexpensive solution for eliminating subfloor pet odors without the mess, time and costs of painting. It’s a profitable alternative for our distributors with very little competition”.

Smell Zapper is used to treat rental cars, hotel rooms, nursing homes, apartments and houses. “We’ve had tremendous success in other verticals” says Scott Brown, company founder and co-owner. “We developed the product because there wasn’t a potent, industrial solution available. Most products are watered down and ineffective because they’re designed to hit a retail price point” said Brown. “We’ve been especially successful in the flooring business since sixty-eight percent of US households or about 85 million own pets”
say Marc Wolfe, co-owner. “The multifamily business has been especially lucrative with the inherent need to quickly turn units and the inability to paint duct work and HVAC systems where odors linger” said Wolfe.

Smell Zapper uses a proprietary formulation of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to attack and consume the source of the odor not merely to cover it up. It’s safe to use on fabrics, carpeting and water safe hard surfaces like walls and ceilings. The results are permanent.

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