NWFA Education & Research Foundation Announces Virgil Hendricks Scholarship

The NWFA Education & Research Foundation is pleased to announce that a scholarship fund has been established in honor of Virgil Hendricks.

Virgil Hendricks is considered the founding father of the NWFA and served as its first president. He was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 1990. Virgil was also the owner of Lockwood Flooring and president and owner of Mid-West Floor Company in St. Louis.

Earlier this year, a fundraising campaign was launched by Harry Lindquist, PanTim Wood Products, to raise $20,000 to create a scholarship fund to honor Virgil and the significant and lasting contributions he made to the wood flooring industry.

“We are pleased to be able to recognize Virgil Hendricks in this way,” says Michael Martin, NWFA President & CEO. “It is an honor to carry on his legacy through this scholarship fund by providing education for the generations of wood flooring professionals to come.”

This contribution will go to the NWFA Education & Research Foundation scholarship fund that aids in providing hands-on education to individuals in the wood flooring industry.

To learn more about this scholarship opportunity and others offered, visit NWFA’s scholarship page at http://www.nwfa.org/scholarships.aspx.

The NWFA Education & Research Foundation (NERF) was established to provide industry research and educate future generations of wood flooring professionals. Thanks to the generosity of its members, NWFA has conducted such research as the Life Cycle Analysis of Wood Flooring and has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships since its creation.

To donate to the NWFA Education & Research Foundation (NERF), visit NWFA’s website at https://www.nwfa.org/industry-research.aspx.

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