Black Bros. Co. Introduces New Multi-Roll Rotary Pneumatic Press

Black Bros. Co. recently announced the latest addition to its line of machinery: a Multiple Roll Rotary Pneumatic Press (MR-RPP).

Designed with the Engineered Wood Flooring industry in mind, the press is the culmination of a collaborative effort between Black Bros., adhesive manufacturers and engineered wood flooring manufacturers.

The MR-RPP is designed with 14 rolls that deliver 7 dynamic pressure points, making sure Engineered Wood flooring remains perfectly flat during and after lamination. When paired with a Black Bros. Hot Melt Roll Coater, it can produce high quality flooring that will look spectacular and last for years.

The machine includes roll diameters from 6.50” O.D. to 7.75” O.D. in both chrome plated and rubber covered that provide over 200 and 750 pounds per lineal inch (pli) of pressure, respectively, depending on part width. Four laminating points provide up to 4,500 pounds of downward pressure, and three high-pressure laminating stations can deliver up to 8,000 pounds of downward force.

“These pressures have been tested to ensure the highest quality and long lasting bond,” said Todd Phalen, Black Bros. Director of Sales. “Each section has its own independent height adjustment with an indicator to allow the manufacturers to easily make adjustments from zero to four-and-a-half inches during production. Therefore, they are easily able to record the settings for accuracy, consistency and repeatability.”

The machine is constructed of a heavy duty steel frame with an open design for easy maintenance and viewing.  The standard minimum part length is 20”.  The standard feed rate is 30-150 FPM.

The MR-RPP is available in several widths to accommodate many different product specifications. A riser base is also available for higher pass line heights.

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