From Small Town to Big Screen

GM Hardwood Floors LLC is a family-owned business located in Laurel, Mississippi. Mike Husers, owner, has been servicing customers throughout Central and South Mississippi, Alabama, and the surrounding regions for more than 20 years.

“We are devoted to providing our customers with top-quality craftsmanship in the restoration, maintenance, and addition of hardwood flooring in their homes or places of business,” says Husers. “My goal is to sustain the business while keeping it small. This allows me to pass savings along to our customers and ensure quality control for the services we offer. I am always at every job site.”

The small family business was recently given a chance to showcase its talents to a much larger audience when the hosts of HGTV’s “Home Town,” Ben and Erin Napier, approached Husers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I had known Ben and Erin for a few years, since refinishing some floors in a building they were restoring in downtown Laurel,” says Husers. “When they started filming the pilot episode of ‘Home Town,’ Ben asked if I wanted to do the floor restoration. I agreed, and was later asked to be a part of the first season.”

Ten episodes were shot for the first season, each one featuring a vintage home renovation set against the backdrop of a tiny Southern town. The show features Ben and Erin who, according to HGTV, “love small-town living, and they’re striving, on a variety of fronts, to make their own Mississippi hometown more livable, lovable, welcoming and fun.”

GM Hardwood Floors participated in nine of the 10 episodes, servicing the homes that required hardwood floor restoration. “‘Home Town’ has given great opportunities for local small businesses to showcase their craftsmanship. My flooring work was spotlighted in several episodes, and I am very grateful to have had that opportunity,” shares Husers.

Committed to the local community, HGTV even held a screening party in Laurel giving town residents the opportunity for a sneak peek of the season premiere.

“The community being able to share this experience was awesome,” says Husers. “There was amazing energy as we came together to see the small town we love, the place we call home, in the national spotlight.”

When asked how being on the show has impacted GM Hardwood Floors, Husers exclaimed, “It has been a great experience. I’ve met a lot of people from different areas, and enjoyed working with them. Business is good. I love seeing the old floors and homes being brought back to life. And, it’s great to be a part of something that is having a positive impact on our town.”

Season two of “Home Town” is currently being filmed. Full episodes of season one are available at

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  1. Hi there! I love Home Town and enjoy seeing the beautiful job you do restoring wood floors. Do you ever travel to McNeill,Ms to refinish floors? McNeill is about 10 miles north of Picayune. My husband and I live in his grandmothers house and have wood floors throughout. We had them refinished a few years ago and the varnish is now almost completely gone. It would be so great if you could come take a look and see if you could refinish them. You obviously know what you’re doing! Thank you!

  2. Mike Husers is a wood wizard. So enjoy watching this craftsman on Home Town! His can do attitude is a welcome refreshing breath of air after dealing in metropolitan remodelers in a coastal city.

  3. I can’t believe I am writing a fan letter. Among my favorite parts of Hometown is when Mike enters the picture! He is a flooring genius and his calm demeanor and expertise is so satisfying to watch. Just wanted to say his professionalism is refreshing. I live in West Texas but if I were to ever remodel a house (I’m almost 70, it’s not going to happen🤪) I’d send out for Mike.

  4. I would love to see a show featuring Mike. He does amazing work on Home Town. It would be great to see other projects he works on.

    1. Great idea! I would love that. And I’d watch every single show. Mike Husers is a hugely talented wood artist. How I wish every community similar to Laurel, MS, had a Mike! Keep up the great work. You are a breath of fresh air!

  5. June 22, 2020

    Really love the Home Town show and enjoy seeing Mike Huser restore the floors! He’s a real genius! Wish you were in NC, I would sure install harwoods on our floors!

    1. I think they need to sell Mike the Floor Guy t-shirts. I love to see his smiling face every time. Awesome job on the floors too!

      1. One one episode Mike our stain into the poly so he could apply a color to two types of wood floors and the color matched because he said something the stain didn’t penetrate it simply stayed on top😳. Does that make sense . He said it was a trick of the trade. Anyone remember the episode so I can watch again ? Don

      2. I would buy them as well!
        Mike could be featured on his own show, it is so great to see the skilled trades featured and not just pull out and replace all the time.
        Thanks Mike !

  6. What a refreshing, nice person Mike is and I love the work he does. I think I would trust him to solve any kind of flooring situation, no matter what it was.

  7. The COVID shutdown made me start looking into new shows to watch, which is how I found Hometown. I grew up in a simple 1910 Sears Craftsman, so I’m always excited to watch the Craftsman episodes with my favorite styles being Craftsman, Colonial and Victorian. I’ve started watching a variety of home renovation, rejuvenation, restoration and remodeling shows. I’m even back to watching This Old House, which I remember watching as a young child. Watching so many different shows has made me fall in love with Mike’s work. Too many people repair a floor by throwing in pieces into just that damaged area, and the repair is completely obvious and shouts look at me. Mike’s ability to weave new into the old, as well as the ability to make different types of wood look like a seamless piece of original work is a beautiful masterpiece. I think the guy is absolutely talented. He is the man I would want to work on my house, and is the flooring expert I will compare all others to from now on. His work is the 5 stars, two-thumbs up, etc. work that all people should strive to achieve. Thanks for showing us how the work the be done and to not lower our expectations.

  8. I love Mike! He is so nice and he always comes through! Don’ you wish there were Mikes in the world? I was in Laurel the other day and thought I would see Mike!! Sadly I did not see him but maybe next time!!!

  9. I live in California but would love to move to a small town in the South. I told my family Laurel, Mississippi is a consideration. Erin and Ben are treasures as is Mike the wood floor specialist. What a sweet group of humans and what love for their city!

  10. I came here looking for information on Mike the floor guy. It’s so nice to see so many others who love seeing him on HomeTown. The show is my absolute favorite, with Ben, Erin, Mallorie, Ben’s baby brother 😉 and all the friends and family who work and play together to make this show so amazing. I feel like I know all of you. Mike is also such a treasure! When he shows up with his big smile and positive attitude, you know he will solve any issues and the floors will be awesome. Hope we get to see many more years of all of you on HomeTown. ❤️

  11. I am a huge fan of the show, “Home Town” and every professional who works on the show! The little town in Mississippi is so quaint and one of my favorite creatives in the show is Mike. He is a Wood Magician! I love his calmness and the fact that he looks like a surfer ~ trapped in a little town of Laurel❤️ I’m excited for the success of the show and love watching the family grow!

  12. I am amazed at the number of talented craftsmen and women in the Laurel area and have fallen in love with Ben, Erin, and other workers on the show, especially Mike. There is something so warm and true about each of them. In the midst of COVID-19 and all the political turmoil, this Shia brings me joy and peace.

  13. I just love Mike the floor guy. What a genuinely good human. His sweetness so matches Erin and Ben’s, it’s refreshing to watch all of them. I love Hometown more than any HGTV show I have seen in years.

  14. We love Home Town and Mike is one of our favorite characters. I love that, whatever Lauren asks him to do, he says, “Yeah, we can do that.” And then he does, beautifully.

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