Chart Your Course with NWFA

As I sit here thinking about the outlook for our industry, and closer to home, the continued strength of my own company, it makes me look back over the years and reflect upon how my company has grown and the importance of NWFA in my journey.

We all know I like analogies, so here I go with another one. I always think a business is similar to a boat, or a yacht, depending on the size of your company. I know many of you have companies much bigger than mine, so for the sake of argument, I will suggest mine is a boat…but it’s a really nice boat that needs deep safe water.

While you could just steer your boat anywhere you want, it’s always more effective (and safer) if you chart a course. I remember when I used to just steer my boat to whatever daily emergency needed my attention, but as we grew, we needed to have a better plan, a better organization, and a safe harbor. For me, over the years, that safe harbor became the NWFA.

When I started my company in 1986, the NWFA was also just being created, so the benefits of membership were not in place yet. It wasn’t until my first NWFA Wood Flooring Expo in 1995 in Las Vegas that I got my first glimpse of what the NWFA could do for me. In 2004, I received my first NWFA Certification at a regional school in New Orleans, and by 2007 in Denver, I was asking then Chairman, Ken Schumacher, “How do I get more involved?”

The NWFA Expo is the perfect place to see new products, find organizational tools, attend seminars on how to grow your business, learn new marketing strategies, and yes, participate in the all-important networking with your industry peers. Thanks to the NWFA and a little bit of hard work on my part and the part of my staff, my company has had smooth sailing in mostly calm waters.

Now, as I help chart the NWFA’s course for 2018 and beyond, I look at what’s in front of us as members, and there are some incredible opportunities to use to your advantage. So while you look for safe waters to sail your vessel through the year, I encourage you to consider some of the available options at the NWFA as you chart your course.

Connect with your industry through the vast network of wood flooring professionals. Reap the benefits of NWFA’s growing number of industry partnerships. Stay current on industry advances with Expo, Hardwood Floors magazine, and NWFA’s industry reports and resources. Increase your profitability with NWFA’s wide variety of business services designed to improve efficiency and save money. Advance your skills as a wood flooring professional with NWFA’s toolbox of educational resources including online training, hands-on training, certifications, industry-standard guidelines, technical publications, and technical support.

Consider the NWFA your compass to success; contact the team at 800.422.4556 or visit today to learn more.

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