Master Your Craft

NWFA has officially launched the Master Craftsman Certification Program. This continuing education for wood flooring professionals is just the latest benefit for NWFA members. To be eligible for Master Craftsman Certification, you must be an NWFA Certified Craftsman and:

  • Attend an NWFA Inspector School
  • Submit a final exam project, to be reviewed in detail
  • Successfully complete all seven skillsets, listed below

To become an NWFA Certified Craftsman, complete four of the seven special skillset categories listed below. In addition, you must be an NWFA member in good standing, an NWFA Certified Installer for at least one year, and an NWFA Certified Sand & Finisher for at least one year.

The skillsets needed for submission are Circular/Curved Application, Color & Finish, Marquetry/Inlay, Medallions, Parquetry, Textured Wood, and Wood Bending. Specific requirements for each skill set are outlined here.

NWFA Certified Master Craftsman status sets you apart from other wood flooring professionals. Be the best in the field, a customer’s first call, and a leader in the industry – be an NWFA Master Craftsman.

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