New Bostik Video Showcases Climb

Bostik, Inc. has produced a highly professional video, which demonstrates the characteristics of its new product, Climb™.

The benefits offered by Climb™ a one-component, easy gunning, non-sag adhesive that is specifically formulated for installation of hardwood flooring planks on interior, on or above-grade walls as well as stair tread caps and risers, are expertly showcased within the new video.

According to Eric Kurtz, Bostik’s Market Manager – Hardwood, Resilient & Surface Preparation Systems, “Climb™ has a superior green grab (grab strength while wet) making it ideal for any vertical application in addition to tread caps and risers. With its low VOC formulation (as calculated per SCAQMD Rule 11680) Climb™ may also contribute towards LEED credits. ”

Bostik’s new Climb™ video may be seen by clicking on:

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