2017 WFOY: Best Textured Wood

Michigan Hardwood Floors Services, LLC.
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Entries in this category may include scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, or any surface that is not traditional flat. Applications can include job site finished, manufacturer finished, solid or engineered wood flooring.

This project required intricate hand-carving and wire-brushing. The seven elevated wood tiles were given an enriching multi-dimensional look with the aid of the contrasting mosaic. Darker wood pieces of the mosaic slowly transitioned into lighter shades. Hexagonal wood tiles gave way to the bold frame surrounding the heart of this project. Hand-carved, the bold wooden frame provided a relaxing seat to the wooden leaves at each of the four corners. A thin border between the varied installation directions of the Brazilian cherry defines the fine line between dreams and reality.

Adhesive: Bona | Moisture Meter: Lignomat | Edger: Bona | Abrasive: Bona | Filler: Bona | Finish: Bona

Installation Type: Glue-Down
Flooring Type: Solid
Flooring Style: Plank
Flooring Finish: Jobsite Finished
Finish Sheen: Satin
Finish Type: Surface Finish: Water-based
Species: African Mahogany, White Oak, Walnut, Maple, Poplar, Hickory, Pecan, Brazilian Cherry
Square Feet: 175
Pattern: Hand-carved wooden tiles embellished by a contrasting mosaic and bold wooden frame

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