2017 WFOY: Best Parquet/Inlay

Traditional Hardwood Flooring
Toronto, Canada

Entries in this category include any parquet pattern, medallion, marquetry, or intarsia inlay. CNC and laser cut applications are acceptable, but must be identified.

This library floor was designed to reflect the coffered ceiling, giving an almost 3D feel to the room, yet not compromising the details of its surroundings. The ceiling had two large columns, giving a division of four rectangular parts, which gave space to four rectangular inlets. The boards mirror the dimensions of the ceiling and are symmetrical at any point of view. The inner part of each division has two walnut borders with different widths, that when viewed up close, are identical to the crown moulding on the ceiling.

Wood: Sheoga Hardwood Flooring; Graf Bros | Saws: Festool, Bosch | Nailers: Primatech |
Adhesive: Bona | Fastener: Primatech | Moisture Meter: Lignomat | Sander: Lägler | Edger: Galaxy | Buffer: Bona | Abrasive: Bona | Router: Bosch | Filler: Bona | Finish: Bona | Moisture Retarder: Bona

Installation Type: Nail-Down + Glue-Down
Flooring Type: Solid
Flooring Style: Parquet
Flooring Finish: Jobsite Finished
Finish Sheen: Matte
Finish Type: Surface Finish: Water-based
Species: Walnut, White Oak
Square Feet: 280
Pattern: Custom Parquet

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