DEWALT® Announces Tool Connect™ Inventory Management System

DEWALT announces updates to Tool Connect™, a system originally launched in 2015 that used Bluetooth® technology to manage batteries on the jobsite. Now, Tool Connect™ features a 3-part inventory management solution that encompasses the Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager web portal, the updated Tool Connect™ mobile app, and connected products. On average, professionals spend about one full workday a week looking for or waiting for tools on the jobsite**. Professionals estimate that thousands of dollars are lost every year due to poor inventory management**†. As a result, an inventory management system that can track tools and jobsite assets is critical.

Inventory Manager System

The Tool Connect™ system from DEWALT works by pairing connected tools, equipment, and materials with the Tool Connect™ app. The same data is also stored online, accessed by logging into the web portal with a registration, username, and password. This allows the user to track the last seen location of paired assets as well as manage and assign tools and equipment to different jobsites. The system also streamlines tracking, check-in, and check-out processes of tools thereby eliminating wasted time spent searching for such tools. This helps to save costs and increase productivity as well as efficiency.

Connected Products

Connecting tools, equipment, and materials is key to this inventory management system. Connecting can be done in four ways – via new and existing Tool Connect™ tools, the new Tool Connect™ Tag, the new 20V MAX* Tool Connect™ Connector, and existing Tool Connect™ batteries.

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