SENCO Announces Launch of New Subfloor Screw

SENCO recently announced the launch of a new subfloor screw touting the ability to complete subfloor installs in half the time.

The new 08F175YKX subfloor screw features an asymmetric double thread design that drives twice as fast as more traditional structural flooring screws while improving holding power. The 2/3 coarse thread allows the screw to pull the subfloor down tight, eliminating squeaks and costly call-backs.

The 08F175YKX’s robust steel construction also eliminates head breakage in hard subfloor material such as OSB or other engineered wood.

These new subfloor screws are available in 1-3/4” and 2” lengths and are ideal for fastening subfloor to wood joists. Used in conjunction with SENCO’s DuraSpin auto-feed screw fastening system, the new screws can reduce installation time and effort even more. The new screws are packaged in 1,000 count boxes.

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