roOomy Partners with BuildDirect to Add Virtual Flooring Capabilities to iOS Platform

roOomy, a home design studio utilizing VR, AR and 3D technology, recently announced a new partnership with BuildDirect, the first open network for heavyweight products, to bring an industry-first virtual flooring capability to roOomy’s iOS app. Through the integration, roOomy’s expanded 3D design and imaging technology will virtualize and upload BuildDirect flooring products to its platform, allowing users to swap out and test new flooring textures to make more confident purchase decisions.

The redesign or purchase of a home is a major financial decision, one that comes with an abundance of uncertainty, as consumers do not have the ability to visualize a property’s true potential. Through the partnership with BuildDirect, roOomy users are able to cut costs and time spent on home design studios and photo shoots when considering flooring alternatives. Additionally, real estate agents leveraging the roOomy platform for home tours will be able to swap out floor layouts in real time for prospective buyers to better cater to specific design preferences. For BuildDirect, its flooring options will not only be showcased on a larger scale, but the integration also provides a new channel for the company’s customers, as top flooring textures will be shoppable directly through the roOomy app.

“Our partnership with BuildDirect expands roOomy’s core capabilities of focusing on home furnishing products to now also allow users to swap out flooring options to provide a more immersive, virtual home design experience,” said Pieter Aarts, CEO and Co-Founder of roOomy. “The goal of our platform is to provide a resource for users to make more informed and confident home design decisions, and the integration with BuildDirect further supports this effort. We’re confident that roOomy users will enjoy these expanded design capabilities, real estate agents will be able to better showcase a home’s potential and BuildDirect will see a positive impact through the unique sales channel.”

“Increasingly, homeowners and professionals want the ability to overlay 3D content on top of their current home environment, to take the guesswork out of important home improvement projects,” said Joseph Thompson, Head of Marketing and Growth at BuildDirect. “The team at roOomy shares our passion to create a simpler, more convenient industry, and we are excited to expand our virtual, 3D enabled flooring catalogue to its platform. Together, we want to bring an entirely new and unique DIY experience to homeowners.”

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