Reduce, Reuse, Recycled Kindling Boxes

In an effort to teach their nine-year-old son, Sam, about business, customer service, money, and marketing, Beth and Gramps Mosner started making and selling 100 percent recycled kindling boxes. The boxes are built from scrap material, and the kindling itself is made from various pieces of scrap wood, all cut to the same length. Gramps remodels old houses and builds custom furniture, so there is always an abundance of scrap wood around.

“When he brought home the first box, I loved it and thought for sure it could be sold, especially around the holidays – what a unique Christmas gift,” said Beth.

The boxes can be ordered with the standard Annapolis Kindling Company and schooner graphic or custom designed. The Mosners have made St. Michael’s boxes and even a
Clemson Tigers box.

Beth gives her husband complete credit for coming up with the idea and building the boxes. He put her in charge of marketing and Sam is head of sales. It’s a family effort, and the important part is teaching their son to be more outgoing, and the importance of good customer service. Sam even has to write thank you notes to all of his customers.

Beth works in Sales and Marketing at Miltec UV, a manufacturer of Custom UV equipment.

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