Hardwood Federation Seeking Signatures for a Hardwood Industry Letter on Trade to President Trump

President Trump has identified trade as a key policy issue for his new Administration. As with many business sectors, many in the hardwood industry benefit from international export markets. However, at the same time, others struggle with competition from subsidized imports to the U.S. It is a complicated balance and one the Hardwood Federation hopes the Trump Administration will recognize and take into consideration as they further develop their trade policy and negotiate with U.S. trade partners.

To express its concern and offer assistance, the Hardwood Federation has drafted this letter to the President. If you would like your company to be added to the letter, please do so by clicking this link and entering your company information by the close of business on April 4, 2017. The link will contain the letter again and a chance to enter your business name at the bottom, which will allow the Hardwood Federation to compile company signatures. The team will then share the letter with the President, Vice President, key members of the Administration and related Congressional Committees.

Source: Hardwood Federation

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