Off to a Good Start

Full steam ahead!

It has been some time since I blogged, I’ve been busy. This is what I’ve done for the first two months of the year:

  • I tore down my old office and rebuilt a new larger one with mezzanine storage.  Although still not completed, at least I have a place to put my paperwork and my laptop and get some work done.
  • I bought three new Pro Master vans, retiring two of the old cargo vans, so a net add of one truck to the fleet. I also reconditioned my delivery truck because, despite it being 22 years old, its bones and engine are still good. The outside just needed a facelift.
  • I attended an American Sanders meeting with their executive, technical, and sales staff; taught two NWFA schools, one in Denver and one at my shop; attended the Bona Certified Craftsman convention in Denver; and attended the regional instructors meeting in St. Louis.
  • Also, I have been training for road and track. I did two charity race events where I came in first in one, and worked to get my teammate to second place on the other.

I honestly cannot do this on my own. First, I praise my lovely wife Oona, who is so supportive and understanding of my schedule.

Then there are my kids who know Dad’s passions and are also so supportive and understanding. Also, all my crew at Endurance Floor Company. They keep the work at a high quality level all the time, when I’m here or when I’m traveling. They really make the grade when performing.

It’s been a full two months, and I don’t intend to slow down anytime soon!

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