NWFA’s Pre-Expo Symposium and Expo Education

The NWFA will feature a comprehensive selection of educational sessions during the 2017 Wood Flooring Expo, April 11 – April 14, in Phoenix, Arizona. For the first time ever, NWFA members will be active participants in collaborative discussions that will create the content of each session.

“Pre-Expo Symposium and Expo Education is a time for industry professionals to meet and discuss advanced topics that will increase their industry knowledge.” said Brett Miller, NWFA Vice President of Education and Certification. “This is an opportunity to actively participate in industry-related education in great detail with experts in the field.”

Pre-Expo Symposium offers more-advanced, in-depth education sessions on Tuesday, April 11. This year’s sessions will focus on the science of wood as it relates to our industry. Following attendance at Symposium, Certified Professionals will earn one continuing certification unit. Pre- Expo Symposium is offered at an additional cost of $225 ($275 onsite).

Expo Education will begin on Wednesday, April 12. Attendees can choose from more than 20 educational sessions facilitated by industry professionals, covering topics such as marketing and sales, management, and industry-specific technical topics.

Expo Education has a new format this year, designed to provide attendees with a more meaningful and impactful experience through peer-to-peer interaction and reflective discussions. “This collaborative format has proven to be successful in many educational settings,” says Stephanie Owen, Director of Education at NWFA. “Our hope is that each attendee will participate in discussions and leave with something they can put into practice when they’re back in their daily routines.”

Research shows that this collaborative educational format is particularly successful in adult learning environments. According to research collected by Virginia Tech, the active exchange of ideas within small groups increases interest and comprehension among participants and promotes critical thinking, which leads to higher levels of thought and allows participants to retain information longer.

Upon completion of Expo Education, attendees will earn one continuing certification unit. Certified Professionals who attend Symposium and Expo Education will earn a total of two CCUs, which meets the two year requirement of CCUs needed from NWFA live/hands-on training.

To learn more about the education, networking and opportunities planned for the 2017 Expo and to register to attend, go to www.nwfaexpo.org. On-site registration will be offered as well.

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