ProTeam Introduces Enhanced GoFree® Flex Pro

ProTeam recently introduced the enhanced GoFree® Flex Pro with new state-of-the-art Lithium Ion battery and approximate 75-minute runtime. The GoFree Flex Pro cordless backpack vacuum now cleans 30 percent faster than a corded backpack and five times faster than an upright vacuum.

“We have been on the forefront of battery backpack vacuum technology since we released our first cordless unit over fourteen years ago,” said ProTeam Vice President of Sales Rich Steinberg. “With this enhancement of the GoFree Flex Pro, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in professional cleaning.”

The enhanced GoFree Flex Pro is one of the lightest battery backpacks on the market and includes an upgraded FlexFit® Articulating Harness. Thicker back and shoulder pads create more comfortable contact points, so cleaners can vacuum longer with greater comfort. Easy adjustments allow for an ergonomic fit on a wide range of body types.

An advanced ProLevel™ Filtration system with HEPA media filters capture and contain allergens and asthma triggers, including fine carbon dust from the motor, and helps to improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

Suited to challenging environments, the GoFree Flex Pro cleans stairwells, high places, and around obstacles without tethering the cleaner to the nearest outlet. In high-traffic areas or 24-hour facilities, the GoFree Flex Pro can move among building occupants without presenting a tripping hazard. Running at only 63.7 decibels, it cleans without disturbing conversations nearby.

Cleaners can check their charge status on the go with the easy-to-use lighted display. The battery recharges in 2.5-3 hours and provides up to 850 recharge cycles. The unit includes a two-year warranty on battery, charger and motor, three-year warranty on parts and labor, and a lifetime warranty on molded body parts.

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