The BOSS (Builders Outlet Super Store) Featured on Blue-Collar Millionaires on CNBC

The Boss: Builders Outlet Super Store was recently featured on CNBC’s popular show Blue Collar Millionaires.

“I’m so proud of our story and just really believe that getting our story out will do nothing but help our company,” said Richard Bell.

“It’s really been steady growth year over year. It’s not like we won a big contract or brought on a [particular] product line. It’s just been hard work doing a good job of doing a good job.”

The show is in its second season and is narrated by country singer Tim McGraw who focuses on self-made success stories.

“We chose Richard and Rachel Bell based on their drive to succeed. Richard had been working for a handful of companies in the wholesale trading world that were full of inefficiencies that he could improve upon. He then decided to quit working for the boss and become one.” said a statement from SallyAnn Salsano, whose company produces Blue Collar Millionaires.

The Bells’ business began in the couple’s former home in Euless in 2007. Rachel worked for an advertising agency. Richard was a wholesaler, brokering truckloads of building supplies, when he came across a small quantity — a single pallet — of crown molding. It was too small to interest the big boys, but Bell felt it was too good of a deal to pass up.

He paid for the molding with a personal check, stashed ceiling ornaments in his garage and lured customers via Craigslist.

Now the company has 18 employees, including five in sales, and operates out of a 35,000-square-foot warehouse in Northwest Dallas.

Watch a preview of the show:

Source: Dallas News

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