Timber Tales: A Furry Dilemma

By Kevin Knauff

I was recently at a home refinishing a maple floor. As I was trying to work, I was constantly dealing with the owner’s four Yorkshire Terriers who kept getting in the way (not to mention messing everywhere). I asked the owner if he could help, so he agreed to shut them in his bedroom. I finished sanding for the day and went home.

A little while later, my phone rang and it was the homeowner who was completely frantic. He was cursing up and down accusing me of losing his dog. I thought for sure he was going to beat me up since these dogs were like his kids! While we were on the phone, a small bark suddenly emerged from under the house.

As it turns out, the homeowner had removed the registers in the bedroom in anticipation of me working in there. The dog was fifteen years old with limited vision, and since the furniture had been rearranged, it lost its way and fell
down the vent.

I rushed to the back of the house and the homeowner and I spent three hours disconnecting and reconnecting the duct work until the little fur ball safely emerged covered in dust. The owner was incredibly grateful… and even got a free duct cleaning in the process!

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