Hardwood Hints: Sandpaper Storage and Prep


Have you ever stopped to think about how you treat your sandpaper? Anything that touches the floor can have an effect on the final appearance. You spend thousands of dollars on a big machine, but forget to think about the impact/investment of a $10 piece of paper on the finished product. Taking into consideration these three tips will help to alleviate problems the sandpaper may have on a floor.

  1. Storage: Make sure the paper is stored either in its original
    box/packaging or a similar container to prevent the paper from taking on or losing too much moisture. Additionally, this will prevent the grits from rubbing together which can dull the mineral on one side of the sandpaper.
  2. Removal from box: Always pull the outer piece of paper from the ream of sandpaper to ensure the paper is fully stretched out.
  3. Prepping the paper: The paper has an irregular shape when you pull it out of the box, so you will want to loosen up its shape by taking the top part of the paper and stretching it into a shape more similar/comparable to that of the machine. To do this, put the top of the paper between your hands, and roll it back and forth. Finally the sandpaper is all prepped and ready to go on the machine.

Now you won’t have to grit your teeth worrying that the paper will cause any problems!

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