City Floor Supply YouTube Viewership Reaches New Milestones

City Floor Supply’s (CFS) YouTube channel achieved several significant milestones this month, reaching over 1,000 subscribers (YouTube’s Opal Level), charting over 756,428 video views, and garnering 2,000,000-plus minutes watched since the channel was established in 2013.

Since transitioning to their new North American headquarters in April of last year, City Floor Supply has made video production a high priority. The company has produced a record 43 videos in the past 10 months. Their video library currently offers more than 130 titles, including a variety of “how-to” features, product spotlights, event recaps, and training videos. The company also produced a holiday video message this year. “We thought it would be fun to address our customers via video, rather than using the more traditional methods, and it was a big hit,” said Glavin.

City Floor’s YouTube channel averages approximately 1,100 views per day, and viewership continues to rise each week. Glavin cites the channel’s popularity to an audience that is eager for engaging and informative content related to hardwood flooring.

“In today’s fast-paced environment, video is truly the quickest and most effective way to communicate,” continued Glavin. “Our YouTube channel allows us to better serve our hardwood contactors, and in turn their customers, with content relevant to their specific needs. We plan to continue video production full speed ahead in 2017, and we welcome feedback and suggestions from our audience.”

City Floor Supply’s video library can be accessed by visiting and clicking on the “videos” button on the site’s navigation bar, or by visiting the company’s YouTube channel.

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