Problems, Causes and Cures – The Recap

The 2017 technical education schedule is off to a great start, with our first event taking place in Las Vegas last week. 50 attendees joined us at Galleher Corporation for a sold-out workshop on the Problems, Causes and Cures publication (Technical Publication No. C200), the 2nd most popular publication we have following Water and Wood.

We have instituted a revision process for all of our publications, which includes collecting feedback from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), 3rd party testing, and gathering valuable input from the Voice of the Industry. This workshop, being the first of its kind, was the forum to hear from the Voice of the Industry. Our objective is to strengthen this publication (which was last updated in 2011) to make it an even more useful tool for our industry.

Attendees were made up of a great cross-section of our industry, including inspectors, manufacturers’ technical departments, installers, and sales advisors. We were also fortunate enough to have Regional Instructors Kjell Nymark and Lenny Hall as well as Vice Chair of the NWFACP Board of Directors, Tim Moore, assisting in the presentation. During the workshop, we went through every topic (all 48) in the current publication and discussed inaccuracies, what’s missing and suggestions to improve what is written. At the end of the workshop, we opened the floor to topics that are missing from this publication. We will be downloading all of the suggestions and putting the Taskforce to work very soon.

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